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      Shenzhen Xinya Meral Products Co., LTD. Is a collection of technology research and development, production, installation in the integration of enterprises, in the decoration project primarily specialized technology company. The company's main: bus stop, advertising light box, control box, railing. The company in line with honesty and trustworthiness, the unity cooperation principle, for research and development as a driving force, by the high level of quality and service for the purpose, and carefully original design, for the general customers to provide the first-class service at any time.
      Indebted of the support and the deep affection, new Asia stainless steel products Co., LTD. Not to have a little slack, do the industry within a thing, long-term keep good communication with customers, and the company's benefit and the interests of its clients closely together, so in the industry enjoyed a high reputation in ?

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